Technology Transfer Webinars, a division of TechnoBiz, are aimed at promoting and marketing the latest technological developments for specific industries. These webinars provide the technology suppliers a venue to promote their company and new products and services to targeted audiences. Each technology supplier will be allotted a 30-minute presentation time in the webinar to promote their products and services. This is a fee-based system designed to market and promote the technology suppliers to the webinar audience. TechnoBiz promotes and facilitates these webinars, which are free for the targeted global audience. .

KnowHow Webinars

Established in 2005, TechnoBiz is an International Resource Center for Polymer Processing Industries and process technologies. The services include training courses, conferences, trade exhibitions, publications and consulting. The industry focus is on rubber, polyurethanes, plastics, composites, water treatment & membranes, energy and environment technologies. .